Refund Policy

Payment Usage and ‘Dream’ Refund Rules The usage period of the 'Dream' purchased by the member is according to the period specified at the time of purchase. Members who have entered into a 'Dream' purchase contract with the company can request a refund within 7 days from the date of the purchase contract without any separate fees or penalties. Members cannot request a refund against the company's intention in the following cases, and in such cases, the company takes measures according to the relevant laws: In the case of paid content that is immediately used or applied upon purchase In the case of content with additional benefits provided and those benefits have been used In the case of content or services received for free as a gift from someone else or acquired through company events In the case where part of the bundled content has been used or applied Refunds are not available for 'Dreams' owned by the individual before the purchase, other than newly purchased 'Dreams'.

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